The Wonder of the World - Divo Mira

International tourist personal-team competition of vertical video

About the festival-competition

The main differences of the new International personal and team tourism video competition “Wonder of the World” (Divo Mira) are: 1) The multi-stage format of its holding throughout the year in different places in Russia and the world. The results are summed up both at each stage (final) and at the end of the year (the results of all stages are summed up); 2) This competition primarily uses the vertical format of videos created on a smartphone; 3) In each stage of the competition there are three separate options for participants - A. Individual competition (videos filmed in advance), B. Individual competition (videos filmed during the competition itself) and C. Team competition.

  • An individual competition with pre-filmed videos is held in a standard version (the competition experts separately evaluate your videos about tourism in different nominations or categories). For an individual competition, you can submit new videos about any region of the world (pre-created), but only in vertical format (shot on a smartphone);
  • Individual competition with vertical format videos filmed during each stage of the competition (a special task or topic for creating videos is given on site);
  • Teams from regions, cities, districts, individual locations or tourist sites participate in the team competition. Each team provides up to three or four vertical or horizontal videos interconnected by a common idea (concept). This could be a video about your tourist site or territory, about tourist events, about a tourist route, and others. The total presentation time for these videos should not exceed 5 minutes.

The first International personal-team vertical video competition “Wonder of the World” was held in the city of Vladivostok (Ocean Cinema Center) from May 23 to May 25, 2023.

The organizing Committee of the festival
If you want to ask a question about cooperation, please contact us by mail
  • Sergey Krivtsov
    Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee
  • Irina Kozina
    Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee
  • Marina Edranova
    Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Festival participants

Video projects from any country in the world can take part in the Second International Personal-Team Tourism Video Competition “Wonder of the World” (Divo Mira). At the same time, only those videos that were created no later than 2022 or directly at the competition itself participate in the individual competition. Teams from any country or region can take part in the team video competition, which, according to the Competition Regulations, will provide at least two or three videos related to each other with a common concept, created in 2020-2023, or an application for this competition no later than a month before the start any stage of the 2024 competition.

Why participate in the "Divo Mira" contest
  • Prizes, diplomas, certificates and the badge of honor of the Wonder of the World (Divo Mira)

    Only the best of the best are selected for the competition. All participants of this competition who came to the final will receive not only diplomas and cups, but also for the first time educational certificates in video marketing.

  • Recognition in different countries

    People will find out about your tour facility or territory in different countries of the world. All videos from this contest will be posted on our channels, including on the YouTube channel Divo of Russia more than 200 thousand subscribers from more than 80 countries of the world).

  • Exchange of experience and the possibility of collaboration

    Participants and experts from different areas of tourism, video marketing and branding gather on one site for three days. There are active master classes and seminars, direct interaction with specialists on your specific project.

  • Special atmosphere

    The special atmosphere that hovers at the contest will allow you to get a lot of new ideas and insights. You will plunge into the creative process, catch inspiration, make interesting friends and a lot of unforgettable impressions.

  • A convenient format for checking tourist attractiveness
    The team format of the competition, in which several areas of tourism activity are presented at once, allows experts to better assess the attractiveness of your region, city, district or individual location (tourist site) for tourists and give you recommendations.
  • A great opportunity to combine business with pleasure
    Participation in each stage of the competition will allow you to usefully travel to different countries and regions, enjoying not only new interesting routes and excursions, but also constantly improving your professional skills
News and events
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The results of the First "Divo Mira" festival-competition have been summed up ...The final was held on May 23-25 in Vladivostok.
The VI International Tourist Festival-contest of video, photo and animation "Divo of Eurasia" has ended in Novosibirsk.
On October 28-30, 2022, the final of the IX All-Russian festival-competition of tourist videos "Divo of Russia" was held in Tver at the Osnabrück Hotel.
From May 23 to May 25, the final of the competition was held in Vladivostok.
The competition was held in the cinema center "Ocean", Embankment str., 3
For participants
Full information on the competition is provided in this section (brief application for participation, regulations, program, festival logo).
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